Build usb charger (samsung)

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Build a usb charger (samsung) with old chargers



Designing a usb chip with old and unused chargers Now you’ve got to think about what to do with old chargers and turn them into USB Universal Chargers! Everybody sooner or later buys the new phone and if the phone Your old one has been damaged. It’s likely that the charger is safe and this will cause a lot of chargers to go away. You can recycle your chargers and turn them into a USB charger. Just need a Connect to the USB input and you can now use it to charge all the devices that have the USB port.


In this product, we will give you full training on the construction of a usb charger using unused and unused chargers that you may have in your home, and you can use and recycle your inexpensive chargers, a good and inexpensive charger, according to The price of chargers, which have already been multiplied before and unfortunately reduced in quality, I think it’s a good way to save money. Making this device safer and cheaper than buying a USB US charger for our gadgets.

(Due to the fact that there are cases of electric shock and fire due to the use of Chinese chargers).


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