Million Dollar Habits

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The $ 1 million habits tell us, learn, learn, and learn again, and then learn not to learn again and learn again. Sometimes learning or a simple tip can greatly increase your speed and workflow.   Brian Tracy tells you … Continued

Seven keys for a positive person

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The mental state of a positive person, mainly limited to personality and character, and almost everything that happens in his life. What are the keys to positive thinking in mental mode? Continue reading and I’ll tell you. When you feed … Continued

9 Success Factors for Personal Growth

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There are 9 success factors for personal growth that you need to know. Each of these factors contributes to each person’s success and the best of life. By making the most of each success factor in your life, you can … Continued

What is the reason for my lack of money?

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راهنمایی در مورد اینکه چرا بی پول هستیم و نمی توانیم مانند افراد ثروتمند و پولساز زندگی کنیم و روشهایی برای اینکه بتوانیم دارایی خود را افزایش دهیم