How to have effective advertising and sales?

How to make an effective advertisement in a competitive market?


It has been possible for many years to bother your business, but still, with many customers, you’re not familiar with the name.

You might think that the product or service you provide does not deserve such a name, but you make a mistake.

Do not disclose your product’s unfamiliar guilt to the product line or collection you organized;


You blame for the fact that you have never spoken aloud your business name and its extraordinary power.
Our effort on these pages is to give you the most powerful speaker in the world,
so that you can achieve the success of your business with just a little more money and a little thought and creativity.

Sell ​​diapers to mom, not to baby

What do you want to do with advertising and sales?
Want to introduce a baby diaper or want to talk about a color pencil box?
In order to have a good newsletter and be able to direct the audience to your market,
you have to set your goal first Choose who is the final consumer of your product,
but you should pay attention to the main buyers of the product.

پوشک بچه و مادر

For example, when you design an ad for a baby diaper, your baby’s product is your baby, but it’s definitely not your shopper.
Your buyers are mothers who are thinking of having their babies covered,
so you should advertise where more mothers pass through,
and also You should choose your style of communication to attract the attention of a mother and be interesting to him.

Point out purchaser’s concerns

Aside from choosing the best place your target group has, be careful about the way you design your message.
When your target group is mothers, you should design your message to answer your main and usual questions.
The quiet women’s mind And it is subtle and the minds of men work by two to two in four,

دغدغه‌های خریدار

So if you want to give a message to a woman, help her feel emotionally and emotionally worried, and if you want to influence a man, focus on her logic and computing capability.

Scout with a look

Generally, a successful advertising message is a message that can capture the audience’s first look,
so try not to enter much of the margins and details,
and choose a simple image or sentence that is understood and seen in plain sight.

شکار کردن

Now it’s time to bring a golden point to your ad; use the power of your audience’s emotions and identity to keep your ad and use it to engage with the ad that is in front of it.

Interact with the audience

Do not congratulate the audience and do not want to understand your literacy with Rakhsh.
Talk to him in his own language.
And if your audience is a housewife, consider his simplicity and if he is a university lecturer, he will ignore his efforts in scientific environments for years.
Do not let him know that he is part of your organization and enjoy this co-habit.

Sprinkle the audience

Leave the words off and do not think that if your business does not appear in your ad, others will assume you are weak.
Try to advertise your company’s golden points of business and its differences with your peers, to make it clear and useful.
Make sure that the contact person follows you to get your supplementary information.

دانه پاشیدن

Do not think that if you enter into the details and make a lot of margins, your advert will succeed,
but conversely, speak for a short while, and help you only with touching and memorable slogans.


Benchmark your ads

Do not imagine that the message or image you design is always successful.
Your ad may not be able to reach out to a hard-line audience, so firstly see how your feedback was coming up in the past and then repeat it.
You may need to modify your advertising style and maybe you need to change your advertising medium;
so do not think that the failure of an advertisement means the failure of all advertisements.


Painting instead of writing

Research has proven that the number of fans of video advertising is twice that of propagandist propaganda.
In fact, researchers in the field say that people are not bored with reading the text and prefer to understand the effective image of a product or service, as we said, do not be too daring and have years of experience Deliver a text to the audience.

Do not Encyclopedia

Not everyone is supposed to be everything. Turn your thoughts on yourself;
who are you talking to and who are going to solve the problem?
Let other institutions solve the rest of the problems, and you only focus on one topic.
And try to help with advertising.

Grab your mind with these 7 hooks

1. What is the main purpose of your business? What would you like to do with these ads? This will help you design the best and most effective promotional message.
2.Now take a look at the product or service you provide. Do not pay attention to advertising to your consumer, but see who is the main customer of your product and address the same.
3.Your product is supposed to create something in the audience. Sad Happiness? the fear? Security Mark each and every one of your senses as you want, and so you can tick it.
4. Do not be jealous. Today’s audience does not have the time to read long sentences and persuasive reasons, so make the most basic statement in the shortest form.
5. Do not expect the audience to take a walk on your ad. You should go to his side. So, wherever you think, there’s plenty of bandgap out there, take your ads there.
6. Do not write all your words in a message. Let me get up to date with a new letter and a new slogan to your audience.
7. Match the advertising slogan with its image. Try to match your messages together and leave different messages for different opportunities.

ام بی ای

MBA and 24 Leisure Jobs

I remember that once, someone told me, although you are financially far ahead of many of your age and age than your young age,

But it seems to me that if you spend your time thinking about this, in addition to designing web pages and politics (for example, in business, business, and transaction!), I think you might be better than Alan, commercially and financially!



This little recommendation made me think a little bit about myself, and this year I began my summer days with the online MBA classes at the World Wide Science University of Malaysia.
After that, I was just planning for my life as a competent manager, from a businessman And the business was top notch, the mystery of his success, and, basically, I read a lot of books on this subject,
For example, Brian Tracy’s Psychology Books, Types of Articles and Time Management Books, One Million Dollar Thoughts …
But none of these would have satisfied my inner sense and my desire for business and business knowledge,
As long as it is based on a secret law that states that if you think and demand something, all the universes are in hand to get to that thing,
I also quite randomly got to the MBA from this class, and I have good and successful faculty members, which led me to study a few my MBA and business and business activities.
I live more than all previous periods; meanwhile, when I was on the Web, I saw a fascinating piece of paper entitled “25 Business Tips That No One Has Committed”!
So I did not miss seeing this beautiful business with friends and fine audience of word cafes, I hope to be enjoyable.



24 job tips that nobody told me


The first decade of work is probably the nonsense of everyone’s life.
A man like blind people in a wall and wall.
He does not know what he wants, and even if he knows, he does not know how to reach it.
I also got the experience in the most difficult and costly way possible.
Fourteen years ago nobody told me to tell them.
Perhaps I would not have listened to his work.
Maybe my life would change.
I write here in the hope that you will not have to remember them in a hard way.


1 – Do something you enjoy.


If you enjoy it, it means you’re doing it well.
When you do good, it means that you are the “one” person (do not swear!)


love job

When you are an adventurer, there is always a good job for you.
A classy carpenter from a third degree physician can earn more.

2 – As long as you get what you enjoy, it’s enough to do something that does not hurt you.


It is supposed to give eight hours a day for your income.
Nath Ae Beagle Dale.
The whole world is doing it.
In some parts of the world, workers work for twenty hours at night in exchange for a hot meal and non-sheltered sleeping places.
So do not get too hard.


I was typing during the service.
For two whole days, I spent eight hours trying to type out the letter-filled letters of writing that Colonel John wrote.
After a while, I realized that I could take my brain to sleep eight hours and let it work.
I can see half the glass:
then that eight hours of my brain was ready to write with the total energy stored, and now I can compete with professional typists in my ten-finger typing.

3 – If your job is harassing you leave it.


Leave it right now. Someone did not die from starvation to abandon his job.


شغل آزار دهنده

But many people have been destroyed because of bad work.
The man needs his life to live more than rent a home.

4 – If you are new to the previous section, you will not be involved!


If you are new to the world of work, welcome the hardships.
The difficult situation for newcomers is a unique situation that can add a lot of experience and capabilities over the short term.
In these difficulty, you can discover parts of your existence that you did not know at all. So, let’s say a soule-ball, and in the way of this great-hearted man:
“Roll the glass! Gravel! “


5 -If the conditions that you propose are generous, do not accept the job!


Why? Because they eat your money. simply.
The labor market is full of veterans looking for simple and ambitious young men.
There is no horse and tail scam.
I hear you do not even risk it. If the amount your employer says does not fit your skills / experience / reputation, ask yourself: Why?


Answer: Because you are new and comfortable, it hurts you.
If you believe in Divine help, start digging under your home.
The possibility of finding a well of oil there is more than that the Lord comes into action through a generous, generous offer.

6– The employer’s offer is directly related to your situation.


If the hour to your wrist does not cost you 5 million, so do not stop at the contract of 200 million and do not waste your time.
What is the story?
Everyone in the employer’s position learns to have a quick assessment of his employee / worker.
The first question of personal evaluation is:
Does the party experience this and comes up with it?
In fact: What is its price on the job market?


خوش تیپ

If you are a precious worker (in the eyes of the employer), this must reflect your situation.
This rule does not include celebrities.
They say to themselves: Pufef.
Abbas Kiarostamiyah then shaves his hair from Rumi. Alright!

7 – If you are talking, talk about the fees before and after all. If you are new to the first experience of your brotherhood, then talk about money.


The employers are asking our little people how badly they are, how badly they are.
They want to evaluate you.
When you ask this question, it gives them a sense of it: Meretka / Bitch! I hate you and the office and the card, and I have no interest in any of them.
Only the money that is important to you The employer may want to hide your financial debts by evading your financial discussion.


But if you are new to the hack, do not bother with it. There is no one in the world that did not hide his head first.
At the very least, you are experiencing and practicing and learning.

8 – If you are looking for a job and you are deadlocked, never drop a quiz to search for a “big job”.


Submissions are live. They have saved me from the danger of death many times.
Nobody says big work is bad.
But if you want money quickly and leave your hand (even taking time and searching every day for big work), make money and squander your wounds.


9 – Learn the Negotiation.

Working for money is the simplest and most bare form of skill redeployment. You may be faced with employers who can not fully meet your financial expectations.
But if your financial need is negligible, negotiate other conditions: the cost of traveling?
Food? job title? Insurance? Hours of work in the month? Start time? Fluids of work hours?
There are a lot of holidays or pay-offs that can be reached with a winning boarder with an employer.
Just do not make mistakes about these talks by deceiving “later”.


There is no later.
If this is the start of your work, do not accept any promise that they will change your work hours or pay later your travel expenses.
Each contract must be made from the same time.

10 – Be careful not to worry about the future financial situation become obsessed with.


Ten years ago, I was worried about where to get my money from.
I was worried five years ago that I could not bring money down the moon.
When I took my new wrist when I was worried about saving the year, asking for it to become a form of concern, but it does not disappear.


It’s interesting that human beings forget everyday that it has survived its worse conditions.
It is good to think about the future and insurance and savings.
But be careful not to commit suicide. Do not crush your soul.
He says: “Do not shout tomorrow”

11 – Do not cut your barter!


One generation ago people worked together to be around.
Our generation is listening to the ears of its ear:
“Close the door! Close Bart! “Com Daun Baba .. Certified.
Why do you have to close your load? We’ve been around for a couple of years, let’s talk and laugh, learn how to learn things, and if we can make the world a bit cooler.
Children ? Grave their father They will learn to work and make money.


As a matter of history, the inheritance and the money have made a great contribution to humanity.
All that Sohrab Sepehri is not. So do not hurt yourself.
Money rental home, hot food at the right rate, taxi fare, dress uniforms, two books and a few good films, despite the same economic situation, this is not the same.
There may be someone enjoying non-movies and books. Like what? Sport? a trip?
Do not have to go to Plaza Hotel …


I sat down one day with a book for myself that gives me more in the world. I put my concentration on it.
Not to give up a lot of money.
I love to go to the Plaza Hotel.
But it is true that my life is based on other things.
And from a historical point to it, I constantly said “shut up”.
I said the shot was up


12 – Do not hurry


Finding what you love may take a decade.
Maybe more maybe less.
So have patience.
That’s the same for everyone


13 – Read the book “Do not Speak / Eat and Do not Drink” Paul Abstr


In this book, Aster wrote a small biography of his struggles with work and money


14 – Read great sleep

15 – Skill


Have you got a doctorate Sorry, your doctorate does not come to any work in the world.
Academic education is very good and cute.
Try to have one. But do not count on a lot of work.
To find a job or be skilled or have a party.
However, the evidence does not play a role in this equation.

16 – Do not work. Work


Get into the first government office on your way.
Eighty percent of those sitting behind the table are earning a living.
They are hurting “K … mice”.
Most of them think that they are too bright.
Truly, they are destroying their lives.
They could have come to a tree or a soccer ball without the water shaking from the water.


If you take on a job, please satisfy yourself before asking for an employer.
Be proud of your work.
The Chiefs of Staff (Sherlock Holmes Adventures) hire you to overwrite Lazarus and get money from him? Gad dumit! Do it in a funny and legible manner.
Those who earn a living each day transmit this message to their own brain:
“Your existence is indeterminate! Your being is unhelpful! »

17 – Save the salaries of the third month!


Whenever your debts are flattened and your basic spending is paid, try to have three times the salary of your monthly salary.
It’s not so difficult.
Just abandon your fifth of your rights every month.
After one year, you’ll save as much as three times your entitlement and forever worry.
“What if I’m moderating tonight? You are comfortable.
Three months is a fair time to find work.


18 – I said to negotiate. But learn what things are not negotiable.

For example about myself.
I discovered that times to reach “my child” are unresolved.
With no money and toys, I can not be deceived and make me feel uncomfortable playing.
His play and fun are reading and watching movies, web browsing, and games and these things.

کودک درون

He wants time for this job.
I can work harder and make more money if I limit his time.
But I learned from experience that these times should not be negotiated.
Actually I can not negotiate.
Because if the child wants to slow down and create his temper, I and the worker and the employer pitch together.
So I’m not gonna mess with it. Earth will come to the sky. I will leave at least two empty days a week.

19 – Game barrier is not a way


The field itself has a “mafia” for itself that does not allow anyone to enter.
This statement is as foolish as it is.
There are always pantheons in every field, and they put their trustworthy people at critical points.
These mafia heads have not come to power from an unchallenged path.


Most of them are here for the sake of being worthy of and spending time / route you are at the beginning.
But this does not mean that you do not have a way to “mafia”.
In Sicilian itself, if you take a bag with heads off, it’s unlikely that the mafia boss will put you in the group.
So be “skilled” at your job.
A skilled naughty person can enter any mafia, but a mafia will compete.

20 – Never (more than once) do not threaten the employer to leave your job!


There are several modes.
Whether your threat is right and out there is a better job market for you, so it’s stupid to stay in business.
No threat. Resign if you do not have a better job outside the market.
Your business also knows this.
So your threat is useless.


You might just be threatening this situation:
“Create a new negotiation clause in a situation where you can actually leave the job” and leave the job if the negotiation was in vain.
Now if you use this threat a lot (despite its ineffective or foolishness ) what if?
Your employer will consider you a loose force and believe that it is not good to believe that it is a good idea for him to have such a view of Adam.


I once did this threat. I worked some years ago.
The working conditions were not suitable and the promises were not implemented.
I set a deadline for the employer and said if my promises had not been implemented by that date.
It took time, and since my work was full time and I had no other job, the employer thought I was bluffing.
Then I went to that date.
I did not have a job or income (that’s where the income of the three that I said earlier suffered) got out.
Because if I stayed I would lose my credit forever.
While I had to work in bad conditions.
Now this is my work record.
I never use this threat.
But if one day I have to use it, my next employers know I’m the person who does it regardless of the complications of this threat.

21 – What a novice you are: welcome!


No one trusts an idiot or an adorable person.
You can have any other flaws. Do not be bad, your mouth is hanging, be angry. But do not ever give Sota a doctoral thesis.


Be so timed to know you as an obsessive sense of time.
Believe me, this is the best definition that can be obtained from you in any business market.
If the attendee is at 5 o’clock and you are unsure that he does not start sooner than 6 and a half, be there at 5 o’clock.
Take your books and genres with you and warm your head. But do not be late.
If you are always so busy, do not work for him.
Do not give your money on time.

22 – Do not quit!


Rick told Casablanca that he hated the rate.
Ask any workforce what it says.
What happens when you sell your abilities cheaply?
The first is that you will be more likely to work for two more days and gain access to a team of professionals and understand how much disruption will affect your business career and your own future.


Then, even the employers themselves do not trust the price cutters.
They take advantage of you and throw you away.
They never do important things to you. How can he trust someone who betrays his own fellowman?

23 – Have a clear time!


If your job is likely to be your home office, if you rent your office, otherwise you have the exact day / hour schedule and work on it.
This formula does not have 8 hours of work / 8 hours of sleep / 8 hours of leisure. The result is centuries of human experience.


ساعت کار مشخص

If you are at home at work and at rest, do not think that you have won.
You will soon see the results of this mistake.
The smallest is that a Maulla treasurer will do everything for you all day.
You went to your safe and comfortable home and office.
Likes to stay there.

24 – Become a master!


Are you specialized in existing market segments?
Create that job yourself.
Every kind of specialized services in the human market has a customer.
Fortunately, we are in a period where people are willing to pay money, even for someone standing in the queue.


So maybe you are but the very low percentage of the society that make up the job.
Take your specialty seriously.
Find people like you through the Internet and elsewhere in the world.
See what they did.
Take your office and your hands.
You do not need to be in the best place in the city.
Make a very simple and inexpensive internet business.
If necessary, consult with people who market.
Or learn yourself. There is no casual goods.


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