Million Dollar Habits

The $ 1 million habits tell us, learn, learn, and learn again, and then learn not to learn again and learn again. Sometimes learning or a simple tip can greatly increase your speed and workflow.


Brian Tracy tells you how to get used to being successful

Habit, habit and habit. Have you ever thought of habits?
Million Dollar habits ?? !!
Of course, I think you’re a bit negative about your habit, but the important point is that all of our energies are neutral,
that is, they have no good and bad energy, and that’s what we set out to be good and bad. .
Habits can also be a kind of energy that is just enough for them to look at our eyes and look good and know them and then, use them.
People, until they were afraid of nature, were defeated by nature.
But when they dared and looked at nature with their eyes, they stared at it, then they were able to recognize it.
When they were able to recognize it, they were able to drive it.
Look at the same river and the flood;
when humans succeeded in recognizing it, they were able to build a dam and get electricity from it.
Now it’s time to take a look at the habits and get to know them. Habits, if well identified and used, can be our success trains.
Habits can be our rails, but it’s important that we catch them to launch on them, or … come with me to hunt good habits.


  • Become a Giant

Imagine a group of kids who walk together. One of them tends to be slower and more successful than the rest.
This person specifies that the group of children, in general, slows or fast.


در کار خود غول شوید
As a result, you can also identify your slowest steps and your own kids. Which poor ground are you in?
Get used to that, grow up and become giants.
It may take 5 to 7 years to become gigantic in your field and overcome your weaknesses,
but remember that if you think this time is too much, you’ll be lost. 7 years later, whether you do or do not do this, will pass.
So what’s better, it’s 7 years and you do what you need to do.


  • Classroom students, habitual habits

Learn, Learn and Learn Again, and then learn from it again and learn again.
Sometimes learning a simple tip can greatly speed up your workflow;
what you did not know if you did not know this little thing.

So what are you waiting for? Every day, be better than yesterday, and learn more every day than you are today.
You will not be asleep, because you are constantly studying like students.
Learn the books, learn from the experts, learn the educational tapes, learn continuously.
If you study only one hour about your work area, you will soon become giants, and others will have no choice but to respect you.
Do not worry about time, anyway will pass.


  • the story of my life

Well, before heading out the $ 1 million habit, first let me say a little bit about myself.
I was born in Canada, born on the World War II and the days when Hitler was defeated.
I had a good mother and mother, but I was not rich; just like your parents and many of you.
You may also have a good parent, but most of the time, your body does not come up with the things you want to get, do not you?
Always worried about the money and the downturn.
I looked at my distant families and I saw many of them that their situation was not as good as us.
At school I was also a student and I was a kid of the classroom.
I did not speak well. Teachers told other students that if they did not read well, they would be like me until I was 16.
I was not satisfied with my circumstances.
I was constantly thinking of my own situation so that the most golden question I needed in life came to me:
“Why do some people become better, happier, more prosperous, and better than others?”
What do these people do?
I worked, for work, as a worker for yoga, seller, and … I went to many places. hunger and many hardships.
But this question constantly kept my mind busy.
Until I began to study, I read and went and searched until I could understand the cause of this difference.
Now, from hunger and labor, I’ve reached the point where I am managing director of a large corporation of hundreds of millions of dollars.
I’ve dined and chat with several presidents and prime ministers in different countries and have a great life.
Everywhere, they invite me to teach them my secrets.
Why, why did I become this?
I told you this story to boast of you, or …?
I told you this story to tell you why you came here; maybe you can get there.
  • Get used to iron discipline

Sometimes, a good person is doing well and doing well.
But sometimes it’s not good either; it’s sad, or not, or cold, or …. The biggest habit I’ve brought up and brought me here was that I was very involved with individual discipline.
That is, I would do what I was to do at any cost, even if the earth came to heaven.
Albert Hobbard, a successful writer and publisher, is much better than individual discipline.


“He says,” Individual discipline, that is, the ability to create in yourself that you can do what is necessary and necessary at the appointed time. “


نظم آهنین


Perhaps at that moment, you’d love to do it or not, but it’s important to do it, whether you like it or not.
“My good friend, Wayne Dyer, also makes an interesting point.
He says the publisher of his books is surprised at all this activity and wonders how one can do all this every day.
 every day, at a certain hour, he will do his next job. Starts; whether it is good or not.
You also do this. Are you limited? It’s OK.

“The railroads, that’s right, are limiting, but they are the only way to get to the next city.”

It is true that you are limited, but you need to make some small joy to succeed.

Please note Mr. Brian Tracy’s talk of self discipline:



  • Why was Brian Tracy rich and successful?

 secret was in the habits I talked about.
I do not know what his name can be, the $ 1 million habits, or the habits of happiness or habits of life, or … at all, what does his name mean?
It is important that these habits shaped and changed my life.
My previous habits only led to the production of poverty and misery, but now, I have habits that have brought me to the land of happiness.
Now I want to share these habits with you; which may be in Iran, and even other Persian speaking countries, read these writings.
From that far distance, while traveling to your country and seeing it there, I say that these habits are not the father’s inheritance.
Anyone can recognize these habits, shape them in and use them to the end.

“How? to Repeat”

My good friend, Anthony Robbins, has a wonderful episode that he repeats at all his seminars; repeating, mother is a skill.


Every habit is like a thread that is wrapped around you.
Maybe you will not get too close to your first days,
but these threads will be so round you that after a while they will make a rope and do not have the option to run away.
Repeat the million dollar recipe, repeat every day.
 so much that it’s normal for you to walk and breathe.
In this section of the magazine, I want to share with you the habits of success and success.
If life remained, in the next issue, I will make my own secrets about other habits.
Are yo ready?
So follow me up to the end of the article, the million dollar habit.


  • A habit of optimism, always

Be optimistic Maybe some of you will miss you, it’s okay; try to avoid pessimist people.
Some people have failed because they want others to be in negative places.
Avoid their danger. Those who are optimistic, happy, successful, influential and full of enthusiasm.
It’s not a strange thing either. Those who are optimistic should think like optimists.
An Indian mystic, says he needs to learn life by living.
Optimism should also be learned with optimism.
How are these pessimistic people pessimistic?
You can also be optimistic about them.
Just think about what you want and the ways to get there.
Because pessimists think about things they do not want and ways to stop them, then you have to be their photos.

Please get used to better performance

Get used to it always, make your performance better and better.
The most valuable thing in this world is the ability to do things.
An Olympic champion is more valuable than others because he has the ability to record.
A prominent director, because of the good life, has the ability to make a feature film.
You can also develop the ability to do the things you like.
Then measure your performance, get better or worse.
Find better ways and improve this performance.

Please be used to this habit.




Make Free Money With Dollars With Personal Computer

کار با بیت کوین


کلید تقویت روحیه

Seven keys for a positive person

The mental state of a positive person, mainly limited to personality and character, and almost everything that happens in his life.


What are the keys to positive thinking in mental mode? Continue reading and I’ll tell you.
When you feed your brain with emphasis, information, conversations, sounds and positive thoughts.
You will find more positive personality and personality.
You become more influential and more compassionate, and you’re more delighted with self-esteem and self-respect.
They are the ones who work with this computer expression. “G.I.G.O.” or “Garbage in, Garbage out.”
Out of rubbish, rubbish comes out, but it’s true, on the contrary, it comes in good goodness (in fact, from the same jug that is in the droplet).


از کوزه همان بُرون تراود ، که دراوست

When you make a clear, explicit decision to take full control of your brain, eliminate the negative feelings that may have left you in the past and become quite a positive person.
In fact, you can change your personality.
Fifteen brain It’s like physical fitness.
You can increase your level of self-esteem and confidence and your positive thoughts with practice and repetition.
Here are seven steps to becoming a positive person:

1 – Positive emphasis


Speak positively to yourself; Control the words that you make. Use the phrases of positive stress in personal tensions daily: I like myself I can do it. I feel great. I’m responsible.
We believe 95% of our feelings are limited to the way you talk to yourself.
And it depends on your daily thoughts.


The sad thing about this is that if you do not talk with yourself on a regular and accurately and positively impacted basis, you will be disturbed by the failure and thinking of things that are uncomfortable for you. As you have already said. , Your mind is like a garden or ground.
If you do not throw it on a regular basis, weeds (negative thoughts) will grow without any encouragement and self-confidence.
Find your level of self-esteem and Increase your confidence and make it bigger.


2 – Visualization of positive thinking


Perhaps the most powerful ability you have is imagining and seeing your goals before they reach them.
Create a vivid image of your goals and life for yourself and repeat this image repeatedly in your mind.

تجسم فکر مثبت

All your advances in life begin with the development of mental imagination in your mind.
Everything you see inside you will also be seen outside.

3 – Positive people


People or people who choose for themselves, in life, work, and society, give you the most emotional impact compared to other factors.

Decide today with winners, positive people, socialize with people who are happy and optimistic, and wherever they go, live, socialize, and avoid negative people. Negative people are often the source of all the inconveniences. From now on, you understand that you do not want to have negative and upbeat people in your life.

Just as your body gets healthier when nourishing healthy nourishment, your mind also gets healthier by eating more mental proteins than mental sweets.
Read books, journals, and educational texts that promote or stimulate.

تغدیه مثبت ذهن

Feed and fill your brain with the ideas that make you happy and make you more confident.
For CDs and positive and emotional voices in your car, tablet, or piano player.
Keep up your mind with the positive messages that help you better think and act and increase your abilities in your discipline.
Feed positive and educational DVDs, TV programs, courses Online and other tools that increase your knowledge and make you feel good in your life.

5 – Exercise and positive growth


Almost everyone in our community has started work with limited resources, and sometimes even without any money.
Rarely, all opportunities come from the sale of personal services. Everyone who has high Alan is on the floor.
The learning phase of lifelong learning and the development of a positive personality is something that you do not have to own, from happiness, to happiness, and from sincerity to financial success and autonomy.
As Jim Rane says about a positive person: “Official training for you Make a living; your education will give you an opportunity “
جیم ران

When you spend a lot of time learning and improving and improving your thinking and action, you have full control over your life and dramatically increase your speed for better.







6 – Healthy healthy habits


Effectively take care of your physical health. The result is you’re eighty, ninety or one hundred years old and you can dance in the evenings.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods to the right and proper levels.
A healthy diet will have a great impact on your thinking and emotions.
As a result of a regular exercise program, at least two minutes per week of walking, two, swimming, cycling or Work with bodybuilders. When you exercise regularly, you will feel better and healthier, and you will feel less stressed and tired than those who just sit next to the potatoes.

Especially enough to have rest and relaxation.
You need regular recharges, especially when you are in a period of stress and stress. When Vince Lambrodi said, “Fatigue is all about us.”

بر خلاف شخصیت مثبت

Some of the factors that lead us toward negative emotions are caused by unhealthy habits, inadequate sleep, and ongoing work. Look for balance in life.







7 – Positive predictions

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful techniques by which you can become a positive person,

And make sure you have positive outcomes and better outcomes in your life.
Hoping nose, you become your foreteller with a sense of satisfaction.
Expecting anything with faith will happen in your life.
In order to be able to predict You must always expect the best or the best possible.
You expect to be successful. You will be welcome to meet people.
Expect to achieve the ultimate goals and create the most amazing life for yourself.
You will rarely get disappointed when you are expecting good things from time to time.



9 فاکتور

9 Success Factors for Personal Growth

There are 9 success factors for personal growth that you need to know.
Each of these factors contributes to each person’s success and the best of life.
By making the most of each success factor in your life, you can accelerate your career success and achieve a better life.



The first of the success factors is education.

In our society, those whose awareness are above average are more likely to become more or less familiar with the basic facts of the community.
Their ideas and information are, in their own words, more than average.
As a result, they can more easily be found in the basic knowledge of society and life in The best things to come together are.
They are often more valued, they get more, and more are promoted.

The law is “To learn more, you need to learn more.
If you want to increase your incomes and achieve your ideal life, you should increase your basic wisdom level,
and the value of the knowledge will be a combination of what you are doing.


Skill, talent


The second factor of success factors to achieve a desirable life is real skill.
Your ability to compete in a discipline is limited to the quantity and quality of your outcome.
When you are in a better job, it’s easier for you to move from one level to another.
As you increase your skill through study and experience,
you can increase the speed of doing little things and be able to predict better and better results.
Find your essence and essence, so you can start living with your rules



The third factor of success factors to achieve a desirable life is to increase the circle of communication.
You will make big changes in your life by connecting with people who are closing on you or opening it
(whether they are happy with you or not).
The likelihood of a decent life is limited to the number of people you know and want to help you.
In order to increase the network or network connectivity,
you should constantly be on the network at any opportunity.
There is a direct link between your way of success and the number of people you know.

And here is Master Tracy’s talk about effective communication:



Having a bank account gives you more freedom and ability to get the right opportunities when they come to you.
If you get bankrupt or lose money in betting, you will have less time to get them.
One of the most important What I’ve gained throughout my life is that you have only freedom from your powers and options ahead of you.
If you have no choice, you have no freedom at all.


If you’re sticking to a closed job because you need money, In fact, you have stopped your potential.
You’ve been stuck in an environment and you can not move forward. You can.
Get to the end of your fishing line and spend months,
years and your life happy with the fact that you do not have any choice and to accept whatever comes out.


Good work habits


The fifth success factor that can be gained in a short time is the law of good working habits.
Your ability to increase ROTI.
ROTI, or “Return on Time Invested,” time management has greatly improved your reach.
Your goals will help you in the least amount of time for irregular people and the slacker.
Good work habits need to be pre-operative thinking. Before you do, you need to make a list and specify priorities.
Well done things require your focus on Favorable, positive or negative results are what you are doing.


Positive mental tendency


The sixth factor in your career success and your lifetime is to reduce your time to achieve goals by growing mental trends.
Mental abstinence is much more than the decision you make or take.
Remember, you get what you do.
If you You do the same things that people who are positive-minded, confident, optimistic make you gradually become one of them and get into your ideal life.
When everything is fine, everyone can be good.
It’s your ability.
In every situation, you can always look good in every situation to see the positive ones and see you move forward in life. .


Positive impression

The seventh success factor that you can use in life, and one that can help you achieve your goals, is to grow a positive mental image.
People out of the world look like you are in the direction you appear.
Judging by the fact is that you judge everyone else from outside in proportion to being good in the direction they are.
It’s time to give a fascinating image of your personality, dress, makeup
and accessories can have an immense impact on The doors open to you and the people who are eager to help bring you a better life for yourself Of reach.



Creativity is another amazing way to start moving towards a better life and to increase your speed in achieving your goals.
Creativity is something that asks you to constantly look for things to do better, faster, and easier.
Remember an idea.
Well, all that you need to start a chance or opportunity.



Perhaps the most important factor in the success of your life is your personality.
The systematic existence together with the integrity of the countless doors will open for you.
Consistency is the foundation of any relationship.
If people recognize you and believe in and convince you It’s one of your words and
actions that you say and do what you say, they will feel that they are more willing to get what they want faster, faster, easier and surely better.


فرد موفق

How do successful people do their jobs?

Successful people always have different ways of doing things.

In this article, we want to see what they are doing and why they are doing their best.

Successful people make backup plans

Having support programs helps you get more comfortable at night.

بک آپ

These programs also make things difficult in difficult circumstances. You need to work harder and more to accomplish your initial plans. It makes your commitment all the more difficult to try than you imagine. If for some reason the worst thing happens, you have to make sure you can re-create it again. You can do anything good until you work hard and learn from your past experiences.

Successful people do the work

You can be good with a little effort. Certainly, you will be better off by trying. But you can not do anything great without continuous efforts.

انجام کارها

When looking at a person with rare skills, we see that behind this success has been sleeping for hundreds of hours continuously and without interruption.
There is no shortcut for this purpose. No success comes overnight.
We all know that with Progressive efforts can be made, but few people follow this principle, except very successful people!

Successful people work more

There are many managers who even work more than their own employee.

کار بیشتر

They always have a long list of things to do. To do this, they have to spend a lot of time on their work.
It’s all the better and more interesting that successful people like to devote more time to their work.
That is, If you do not accept your workload, your goals will not have much meaning for you, or it will not be difficult to achieve.
You also can not be an incredibly successful person.

Successful people are not like the crowd

Common strategies also have common results.
Joining together – as efficient and successful as possible – results in average results.

همرنگ جماعت

Successful people, according to habit, do things that others do not do.
They are basically going into an area that others will not be able to, because there is less competition and more chance of success.

Successful people start their work

Medium successes are the result of medium goals. Decide what you really want: Get your best, fastest, cheapest, and greatest effort and effort on this path.

شروع کار

Always aim for anything at all and see where you want it to end. This is your goal.
That way, you can proceed according to your own planning and step by step.
When your goal is to achieve great success, you can better Decide ahead and get more perseverance on the way to that goal.

Successful people do not stop halfway

Achieving the goal – no matter how big it is – is not for the very successful people a line-up. To achieve a big goal is just a way to achieve more and more goals.

do not stop

A lot of success in one field gives this person the ability to achieve significant success in other areas of his life.
Very successful people are not only successful in a single match.
They are always ready to win in various live contests. are.


In response to a question asked by most major executives and business owners, all of them have unanimously stated one of their successful ways of selling.
Please note that the purpose of selling, flattering or pushing the buyer The seller is essentially persuading others to work with you.
Sales, as well as overcoming existing obstacles and disagreements.


Sales are the cornerstone of business and personal success:
knowing how to negotiate, maintaining self-esteem against rejection, communicating effectively with people, and building long-term relationships and relationships are all principles of good sales. When you really Your idea or company do not need to have a big and important person.
Even you do not have to sell it, just communicate. So, you will have a good sales.

Mr. Brian Tracy’s Comment on Successful Sales:


Successful people will never be too proud

To accept that they have made mistakes, to make an apology, successful people are very successful in order to have great dreams, to accept that they owe their success to others, to ask for help, to fail and to try again.


چرا شاد نیستیم ؟!

How can I be more happy?

Take a look around you.How many people are not happy about you?How many of them smile and really happy?
Most people around us are not happy.Why is this?Where did we go wrong that we got here?


I grew up in a neighborhood where people emerged from their homes each morning in a sad face and went to the bus stop.
The station could easily see a large crowd of these people.
Being alongside these people to me I learned how valuable people are.
I wonder why people are not happy.


1. Being worried.

The mother is sitting on a chair with her face and worried about her son’s weekend test.
The exam determines whether her son will go to a good school.
She also thinks that she moved to the neighborhood near her son’s school. They do.


نگران بودن

He is thinking of not letting his son be tied up with frien
ds and getting a low level job.
Twain once said, “I have a lot of age and I know a lot of great problems, but most of them never happen.
” When you’re worried , You create an unrealistic impression of the future in your mind; and believing in this idea will cause you to feel negative.
In other words, you will be bemoan yourself from the future for no apparent reason.


Solution: Be happy, leave the concern. Worry no harm to you.
If there is no solution for your problem, it does not help.
If there is a solution to the problem, then you should go to it with all its power.


2-Loss of control.

An average middle-aged man sat sadly on one of the subway’s chairs.
His rector had rebuked him for the financial loss his company had invested in and lowered his job position.
He needed his job to pay for the rent, So there’s no way to stay in this job.
It’s hard to imagine when you think the whole world is against you!
People who have always failed themselves will never be happy.
The reason for this is also clear.
They have never wanted to take control of their lives. believe their cause is distressed by someone else or something else, and they also think that this discomfort can be overcome by someone other than themselves.They are in The world (let’s say hell) is “I wish”.

Solution: Build the power of yourself that whatever happens in your life, you are responsible for it.
You always have the power of decision making in life. Never allow anyone to decide for you.



A high school student standing in a bus.
One hand on his arm and his other hand on his mobile phone.
With anger his teeth flicker.
Her boyfriend has published a shameful video of him on Facebook.

کینه توزی

He is thinking of taking revenge on him.
How hard are you with your family members?
with friends? With other people, when you are abusive, you are the only person to be affected.
On the opposite side, you are usually not in any way about how you hate or if you want to bring him.
In this situation, you Angry, sad and upset, so that this negative mindset negatively affects your whole mentality.
But what do you really get?


Solution: Forgive and forget. Remember that if you do not forget this, you did not really make that person.
Do it as soon as possible. Because when you let someone out to get you angry, you give it control (item 2), so you will be much happier.


4. Having unwanted personal rules.

She suddenly shouted at another woman just because she did not allow the woman to first leave the bus and then board her.
With this dispute, it is clear that both women leave the station with discomfort.
One of the easiest ways to be happy.
Do not! (!) It is the belief that everyone around you should behave according to your rules.
Remember the last time you were angry.
Was it not your reason for your anger to be that someone questioned one of your rules?


Solution: Keep in mind that your rules are just for you, others do not have to live with those rules.
That in your personal law is that people first have to leave the bus and then take passengers, it’s not because another person thinks so.
Accept that your laws and standards do not relate to others.


5. Compare with others.

A young engineer stood at the metro station and was deeply in thought.
From his face he realized that he was upset by the problem.
Earlier in the afternoon, he had seen his university friends.
They had a good career advancement and were rapidly developing.


He thinks about his life and wonders where the wrong way is.
Comparing with others, if you have high self-esteem, can give you a strong motivation, but unfortunately most people do not have this ability and eventually After the comparison, they experience frustration and feelings of humiliation.
Because of this problem, we often compare ourselves with one of the characteristics of the other person, often with the best of that person.

Solution: Stop your comparison with others.
If you want to compare with someone, compare with yourself.
Have you been better today than yesterday?
If you want to compare yourself with others, compare in all aspects of life, and not just in one feature.


6. You make life hard for yourself.

Entrepreneurs were sitting in the corner of the bus and thinking about the growth of their business.
She had been doing a lot of work to keep things going, but her business was slow to grow.
She was disappointed with the progress she was making.
“My time I’m glad to have 10 billion dollars worth of money “or” I am happy to make delicious food tonight “Which of these two are more likely to be happy?
I do not talk about money or money, I’m waiting for you I speak happily.
You create happiness and happiness.
Many of us make life too hard for ourselves.


Solution: Why do you make it harder to reach the goal?
Say your definition of success and make it part of it every day.
Life is short, so leave your time for something you enjoy.


My definition of success is: as long as I do what I like to do, I’m successful.


7. Be pessimistic.

Woman: Let’s take the gold at home?
Man: No, the thief may not come.
Zen: So come along with us, travel?
Man: No, it may not get lost. Zen: Do you want to put them in the bank?
The man may not earthquake and the bank Ruin Woman … And this story goes on.



It’s very simple, when we are deeply thinking about something or focusing on it, we see more of it.
If we want to buy a 206 white machine, we soon find out that most of the machines you see are 206 white.
That’s what It’s happening in bad times.
If you think you’re bad luck, you are attracting this bad luck.
It’s very hard to be happy when your thoughts are negative.


Solution: See the half cup. Be upbeat.
A great sense of humor will help you with optimism.
Record the good things that are happening to you, and say “Excellent.”
Always good things happen to me. “

very well. These were the seven main reasons that make you not be happy.

Of course, with 7 small solutions for them. Happiness and joy are important.

Joy increases the quality of your life.

It is your right that your quality of life is high.

If you are not happy, which of the following reasons has caused you to do this?

If you’re happy, how did you get it?

What other ways do you suggest to rejoice?

You know, you know. Tell them.


Successful training by Mr. Einstein

If you want to live like a successful person and achieve your true goals, You should take the following points seriously mentioned by Albert Einstein.


1) Follow the curiosity:

I do not have any special talent. Just love curiosity.
“How do you induce your curiosity?


I’m curious, for example, to find out why a person is successful and someone else is failing.
That’s why I spent a lot of time studying what I’ve been doing. What’s your most curious thing?
Follow your curiosity is a mystery. reaching to success


2) Prudent perseverance:

I do not have a good intelligence, I only put a lot of problems over time.
‘”All the postage stamp value is capable of sticking to something until it reaches it.


So, just like the stamp and finish the race that you started, you can be better off by persevering.

3) Focus on the present

My father told me you could not run 2 horse at one time.
‘I would like to say that you can do anything but not everything.


Learn to be present and give all the rewards to what you are doing right now.
The centralized energy is the power of individuals, and this is the difference between victory and failure.


4) Imagination is powerful Imagination is everything:

Can make life appealing. Imagination is far more important than knowledge.
‘Do you use imagination every day?
‘The imagination is the prelude to all your future.

successful to Imagination is powerful

The real symptom of intelligence is not imagination.
‘Do you practice your imagination every day?
Do not let powerful things, like imagination, break into a state of inferiority.


5) Making mistakes:

The one who never makes mistakes never learns new things.
Never be afraid of mistakes, because they are not mistaken.
The mistakes you make are better, smarter and faster if you use them properly.

Making mistakes

Making mistakes

Find out the power that leads to the mistake.
I’ve said this before, and now I say, if you want to succeed, triple the mistakes you make.


6) Life at the moment:

I do not think about the future at all, it will come soon.
The only right thing to do in the future is to be at the moment.
You can not change the present with yesterday or tomorrow.

Succeed in Life at the moment

So it’s of the utmost importance that you devote all your efforts to the current time.
It’s only important when it’s important, it’s only there.


7) Creation value:

Do not try to succeed, but try to be worthwhile.
Do not waste your time trying to successful, but give yourself time to create value.

success Creation value

If you are valued, you will succeed.
Discover the talents and gifts you have.
Learn how to use those talents and divine gifts in a way that is useful to others.
Try to be valued and chase your success.

8) Do not expect different results.

“Frenzy means doing something again and again and expecting different results.
” You can not do anything every day and expect different results; in other words, you can not always do the same thing (routine) and expect it to be.
Look different.
In order for your life to change, you need to be different to your own thoughts and actions, which will subsequently change your life.


9) Knowledge comes from experience:

“Information does not mean knowledge.
The only source of knowledge is experience.
“It comes from experience.
You can discuss doing a job, but this discussion only gives you the philosophical knowledge of this.
You should try to find out.
What is a homework?
Follow the experience! Do not waste your time learning extra information.
Get started and look for experience


10) Learn the rules first. Then play better:

If you learn the rules of the game, you will be better off than anyone else.

successful game rule

There are two steps you should take.
The first step you need to learn about the rules of the game you are doing is vital.
The second step is to make the game better than any other person if you can take these two steps.
Calculated to do it will be your successful.