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How to become a successful rich person?

Schedule: Free Harmony from the Book of Million Dollar (by Brian Tracy)

My friend, the habit is created with a lot of repetition, and it’s not long before you become your habit.
Thank you for reading this. On the pages that you have before, you will become familiar with practical ways and methods that you can use to help them in all areas.
You will achieve more success with your life. I want to share with you the “mystery of success” of all successful and effective people.
Once you learn these methods and put them into practice, you will not be the same person anymore.

Important question

Years ago, this question was raised to me: “Why are some more successful than others?” This question was raised to look at life.

I traveled to more than 80 countries and studied thousands of books and essays on philosophy, psychology, religion, metaphysics, history, economics, and commerce.

Gradually, I found the answer I wanted, and eventually I got a picture and a simple explanation.

“Wherever you are and whatever you do for yourself.

Today, whatever you are, or whatever it’s turned into in the future, it’s about yourself.

Today’s lifestyle is a collection of choices, decisions and actions you’ve been up to.

You can change your future by changing your behavior.

You can make new decisions, make new choices to become the one you want to be, and get what you want in life. Think about it!
What you are now or want to do depends on your own.
Only the limits that you may face are those you make yourself.
You can fully achieve your destiny by controlling your thoughts, thoughts, speeches, and deeds.

Power of Habit

Perhaps the most important discovery in the fields of psychology and success is that 95% of what you think, feel, and get it is the result of habit.

قدرت عادت

You have created controversial responses since your childhood that make you react spontaneously and without thinking.
In simple terms, successful people have successful habits and this is what unsuccessful people are deprived of.
Successful men and women, Sweet and healthy, they do things easily and spontaneously, and they speak well and on time.
As a result, they are on average 10 to 20 times more likely than people who have not yet learned these habits.

Definition of success

People often ask me to define the word “success.”
My favorite success of success is:
“Success means the ability to live in the way you choose it.


Success means doing something you enjoy, success means being surrounded by those who admire and respect them.
“In the broad sense of the word, the success of the ability to achieve dreams, desires, hopes, aspirations and goals in each There are some important areas of life.
Although each of us is unique and different from others who live or have lived so far, we all have four common goals.
One to ten, one of the lowest and Ten of the highest, you can evaluate your life and score in each of these four areas Give me:

1- Healthy and Bouncing:

The first common goal of all people is to have health and energy.
We all want to be healthy and bouncing , we want to have plenty of energy and live without illness and illness.
Nowadays, with significant advances in the field We have had medical science, health and wellness quality, not by chance, but by design.
Those who have good health habits, are healthier than others, have more energy and last longer.
In this series of articles, this is how We will review habits.

2. Relationships:

The second common goal of all people is having great relationships and relationships with those we love, respectful of, and they also love us and respect us.
According to Sidney Jared (psychologist), 85 percent of our happiness The quality of our relationships in each stage and in every field of our lives.
How you deal with others and how they love you and respect you more than anything else affects your life.
In all areas This series of articles, with the habits of communication and behavior you get to create with others and h Your wit.

3. Do your favorite work:

The third common goal is to do the things we enjoy.
We want to be happy with our work and get good money.
You want to do what you like, want to get more and get upgrading faster.
You want the maximum income.
Find out what you can do at any stage of your work.
In this series of articles, you’ll learn how to create these habits.

4. Achieving Financial Independence:

The fourth goal we all have is to achieve financial independence.
You want to reach a stage in life that you have enough money so you do not have to worry about it anymore.
You want to go to the restaurant without first having to look at the price of the food, just your food type
(This is one of the most enjoyable parts of financial independence!)

Create Million Dollar Habits

On the pages you follow, you will become familiar with the “Million Dollar” habits that have led many men and women (including myself) to reach the top of the head and reach for a generation from poverty to enormous richness.
Teach you how to think more effectively, make better decisions, and work more effectively than others.
Teach you how to organize your financial life so that you achieve your financial goals at a speed that you would not have imagined. (For example, It took me 6 years to reach the peak for me.
Now that you have my experience, then definitely There is less time for you than this time.
One of the most important goals you need to achieve for happiness, happiness and success in life is to create a personality and personality.
Because you want to achieve a great person in every field. You want to become someone.
Become an admirer of others.
You want to be an excellent model for everyone around your community in your community.
An important and decisive factor in creating personality and achievement of your goals is to create special habits that automatically achieve your desired results. It ends.

All habits are learnable

The good news about all habits is that you can learn them by practicing and repeating.
You can learn any goal that you recognize as necessary or desirable.
With the help of the will of will and in order, you can bring your character and personality to You can create a play of your own.
If you are not comfortable with your current scenario, you can tear it and write one another.
Just as your good habits are responsible for most of your successes and joys in Life is yours today, bad habits are taught, Mito Remove them from your mind and learn new habits in their place.

First person in behavior and behavior

George Washington, the first president of the United States and the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army, was rightly called the “Father of America.”
Because of his quality of manners in the right behavior, he was a special general.
George Washington, however, did not start life like this.
He was an average family member with few facilities.
One of these days, while a teenage boy was fond of success and success, he published a book titled “Citizenship Rules and Good Behavior in the Company and Dialogue.
“Washington wrote the 110 guidelines mentioned in this book in its notebook.
He always had this booklet and read it in his life over and over again.
He was able to create a behavior that would fit in the hearts of the people.
George Washington was built in all fields.
He learned the habits he needed to become the man he loved.

The first millionaire

At the same time, Benjamin Franklin, who began his work with a traineeship, was able, with the help of the same method, to become the first millionaire in the United States.

بنجامین فرانکلین

Benjamin Franklin felt in a young age that he was a bit violent, ill-treated, in conflict and conflict.
He decided to change his circumstances by rewriting his personality.
He wrote a list of the 12 Virtues that believed that every person should have an ideal.
And then he decided to work on virtue every week. He recalled himself throughout the week to strengthen that virtue.
However, when he created these virtues and made these habits part of his personality He transformed every virtue for two weeks, then three weeks and then one month.
By and large, he became a person of Barrzez.
He had a great deal of influence, both in Paris, during the American Ambassador’s Revolution, during the Constitutional Convention on the Rights of Citizens and the Constitution of the United States.
Frenkelin created the habits of a great person Became a person to change the flow of history.

You are full of authority

It’s a fact that it’s difficult to shape habits, but it’s easy to live with. You make good or bad habits by choosing your own decisions and behaviors.
“Author Horis Mann He said: “Habits are like a cable, if you break their wrists every day, it will not be possible to tear it apart.”
One of your great goals in life should be to create goals that lead to real health, prosperity and prosperity.
Your goal should be to create the clerical habits to become the best you can become.
Your goal should be to create goals in order to allow you to reach your maximum potential.
In the following sections of this article series Understand how your lifestyles are shaped and how you can transform them positively.
You will learn how to become a successful rich person by moving up and down the ocean waves and achieving whatever goal you choose.

طرز تفکر

10 Ways to Think for a Successful Entrepreneur

If you ask people to describe the characteristics of a successful job for you, they will often give you a definition like this:

Entrepreneurs and business owners are different and different people. They have inherent ingenuity and talent, something that does not exist in us.
These are the most prevailing thoughts that people have in their mind when it comes to entrepreneurs.
But contrary to what most people think is not a successful entrepreneur, the entrepreneur is not born.
He has to get to this position Who has learned, tried and, most importantly, tried to think differently from others.
There is a famous saying that
“if you do what you have done so, you will get the same result that you have ever taken.”
So if you want to make a different future for yourself, you have to differentiate thought and, of course, action do.

Here are 10 attitudes and ideas that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Be sure to read the time:

1. Do not follow the path to success:

On the path to entrepreneurship, there are many difficulties that can harm or even disrupt your business. Only one factor that can successfully trade your business is your tireless efforts. .


A successful entrepreneur is aware of all this and never takes time to find the shortcut to succeed.
He knows that there is no shortcut in this direction, and he must face the hardships, and with interest Taking advantage of the experience gained, he grows up his business. He focuses on finding shortcuts rather than focusing on how to achieve his goals.

2.Look at obstacles and problems as an opportunity:

On the path to entrepreneurship, there are many issues that challenge you, and you have to spend a lot of time and effort to solve them.
The challenges, challenges, and problems are the integral parts that entrepreneurs have in the process of setting up a business with them many times.
Many people face stress and disappointment in the face of these problems and obstacles.
They think that obstacles are bad experiences that make it harder or even impossible for them to achieve success.
But From the perspective of a successful entrepreneur, every obstacle is an opportunity.

موانع به چشم تجربیات

They look at obstacles in the face of valuable experiences that help them become familiar with their weaknesses and, with their coverage, base their business on a stronger and more solid foundation.
They are upset in this path of no retreat.
They only try to use the path they have made to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.
Then, do not forget to smile at problems, they are a real teacher for you.

3. Do not look at your rivals as a threat:

Most people think a good business is a business with no rivals.
This is because they think competitors are a threat to their business.
If you ask them why the business is for It’s not a good start, one of the most important reasons you will hear:
“There are strong competitors in this business,”
but successful entrepreneurs think differently.
They not only consider rivals not a threat to their business, but they look at them as a valuable opportunity.
Successful creators use their rivals’ experiences to go faster than they did.

رقیب و فرصت

They look at the behavior of their competitors’ customers and try to attract their competitors to their products or services by covering their customers’ dissatisfaction with their business.
To implement their advertising campaigns, they are advised to advertise their rivals’ They use their rivals to determine the target market.
They use their rivals to grow stronger and richer in their knowledge and expertise.
And that is precisely why you see that in a market with There are several very strong companies that are emerging from a new brand and eventually outstrip their old rivals.

4.Set aside idealism:

“Idealism is the greatest enemy of progress.”
Nobody understands the importance and value of this statement as successful as successful entrepreneurs.
One of the most important reasons why young and inexperienced entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goal is that the primary goal Those who have chosen for their business have been so big and ideal.

ایده آل گرایی

For example, suppose you want to set up an online store.
If your primary goal is to have your store include all products, it is unlikely to achieve this goal due to the inexperience and limited nature of your funds and your defaults.
You will be faced with.
Be realistic and determine your goal based on your resources and yours, then try to progress slowly towards the ideal.

5- Try to split big things into smaller components:

As every major component is composed of small components, problems can also be converted into smaller components, and by solving each episode, a general solution to the problem has been reached.
This will help you get a better view of the subject.
Find and manage it easier for you.

اجزائ کوچکتر

For example, when asking people who want to start a business about advertising, most of them describe what they describe as a complete set of ads including online, physical, and SMS advertising.
But a successful entrepreneur One of these issues is divided into smaller sections and then tries to consider the most appropriate way for advertising according to its business.

6. Mistake is a completely normal matter, do not be afraid of it.

The stories we hear about successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs are full of success and pure ideas.
These stories are narrated in such a way that this mentality stems from the reader:
these people have never made a mistake. But the truth is something else.

اشتباه کردن

Incidentally, these people made more mistakes than others because they were daring to do new things.
They never missed the mistake of knowing that there should be misunderstandings from any curriculum to avoid repeating it.
If on the way to launch Do not be afraid of your business and do not lose your temper, it’s a mistake to be a normal and normal matter, and remember that no even the most successful of them is innocent.
Anyway, get up instead of discomfort and Move forward again.

7. There is no magic stick, not looking for it:

If you follow the story of successful entrepreneurs, none of them have achieved this success overnight.
There is no idea that it will become a great success at birth.

چوب جادویی

If you want to have a successful business:
Think of finding a magic wand that transforms your idea overnight into a money maker.
Any idea to become a successful plan to wait, gain skills And you need tireless effort.
You have to step up your idea to become a successful plan.

8. Pay attention to the views of others of great value:

One of the most important skills an entrepreneur must have is the ability to communicate effectively with others.
It should be able and interested in hearing the opinions and opinions of others (whether or not they agree) about their business, and Think about them without bias.

دیدگاه های دیگران

Many business owners or individuals who have an idea in their minds and are implementing it are trying to conceal a wall of their own business and hide everything from others. They are about their idea and a plan for They do not speak to anyone, they are always afraid of stolen ideas.
If this does not only do not help their business, they also deprive themselves of the valuable views of others.
Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for professionals to challenge their ideas and their work.
In this way, they will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new perspectives and apply them to their business.

9. Regularly, the first prerequisite for an entrepreneur is discipline:

Many people do not have the order in life.
They often do not plan for their own lives, and many of them are on a daily routine.
For this reason, there’s never been a dramatic change in their lives.
The first thing that’s for a fundamental change in You need your working life to be regular.
Your greatest time is yours.

منظم باشید

So you have to learn how to plan for it and then try to implement this planning.
It’s a little bit difficult at first, but it will be a little bit of regularity in your life.
Regularity does not require a home environment or Make your job a military garrison, just hold your time in control and plan for your future and future.

10. And the most important principle: live like an entrepreneur:

“Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.”
A successful entrepreneur, waking up like an entrepreneur, working as an entrepreneur, working as an entrepreneur, talking to his friends like an entrepreneur, and in fact, working Creation takes place in all aspects of her life.
She does not have something called “living at home” and “living at work.”
His life is an entrepreneur.
In simple terms, he looks at all aspects of life from an entrepreneurial point of view, so that everything is even eating, even a simple stroll, and even talking about quite ordinary things can be full of new ideas for him. When You will look at the world from a particular perspective.
You will see things that others do not see, and this is the most important advantage of successful entrepreneurs on other people.

So remember that an entrepreneur does not succeed in communicating with your innate talents at birth,
but what succeeds you in becoming an entrepreneur is your attitude to life and your readiness to face challenges and issues.
Which is ahead of you.


Maybe it’s good for you:


boost morale

Ten Keys to boost morale

Ten points that help you to stay in a state of normal mental health and boost morale and face difficulties, and can enjoy your life as much as possible:


1) Know Yourself:

Today, the suggestion of Socrates, which presented itself in the 5th century BC, is self-explanatory.
You know your goals, feelings and limitations, and treat them with peace of mind.


Through study, through thinking and thinking.
Explain some of the ways that make you aware of yourself and enjoy what you enjoy.
If you do this, it’s best to be able to control your life and the problems you face yourself and boost morale yourself.

2) Give yourself value and trust yourself:

It may sound hard, but try to show how you behave yourself.

اعتماد به خود

Even if you always feel uncertainty, give a positive attitude to the world around you.
People are affected by you, because of your behavior and coverage.
So show yourself the value and self-confidence to bring respect for you.

3) Do not overdo your power:

We all work hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our family.
But it’s important to maintain balance in life. Usually, what we are looking for financially is not the same with what is being accomplished.
If you pay more for your livelihood It’s better to spend time with loved ones or enjoy life, it’s better to review priorities to boost your spirits and
Try to balance yourself with this person who created this balance between your work life and your family, or talk with your family or friends about Talk about the effects of your career.

4) Avoid negative people:

Avoid the association of poisonous substances that make you feel uncomfortable, angry, or insecure.
It may sound hard, but minimize your association with those who are depressed for you; those who most often receive afflictions without responding and Or those who constantly criticize you.

افراد منفي

Honesty assess the words of such people to see how much truths in their speeches are based on positive and optimistic communication.
If people put you under pressure, explicitly ask them to abandon you.

5) Think positively:

Try to maximize your abilities and rely on your power.
Develop your personal skills by studying and passing classes.
Try new ones and apply your defeats.

مثبت فكر كنيد

We all have lost some of our time, but successful people have learned from their failures and failed to defeat them.
If you develop your abilities well and have a positive role, you really can change the negative situation to situations You will be positive.

An appropriate diet and some kind of daily physical activity, such as walking slowly or out of work, relieves stress and anxiety and keeps your mood healthy.
Exercise and physical exercise make people more aware of the superiority of liberation and suppressed abilities.
Improves the mind.


This leads to the prevention of depression.
For different people, there are proper exercises. Stretching exercises and yoga are very suitable for stress relief.
Of course, exercise outside the home has double benefits; for example, sunlight is beneficial in improving mood and reducing depression.

7) Spend some of your time for boost morale:

The pleasures of friends and loneliness are two parts of life that are very important to strengthening morale.


For example, in addition to spending some moments in the bathroom, listening to music or going out to enjoy nature, spend time on enjoying your own loneliness.
If you find this difficult, you may want to avoid participating in important issues by using the community.

8) Help others and let others help you too:

When your problems seem to be overwhelming, show that helping others can help alleviate your anxiety and distress, so leave your problems completely different from the perspective of others.

كمك كنيد

Granting assistance in social matters or helping friends may also be in your favor.
If you help others as much as you receive, expand the range of friends and relatives that your good partner and time-consuming worker have tough times.
You are

9) Communication for boost morale:

In a clear, yet relaxed way, express your feelings to your family and friends and carefully listen to their answers.
Never put yourself under the pressure of not expressing your feelings.

ارتباط و مراودات

Because this pressure will lead to a sudden explosion and others will struggle without effort and effort. Control the cognition that disturbs and understands your weaknesses.
Never let others read your mind.

10) Ask for help if needed:

Find people who can consult with them when problems occur.

کمک خواستن

If after consulting your friends and family, your problems continue to be overwhelming and feel uncomfortable, talk with counselors who want help and help you.
If you feel uncertain, worried or distressed, immediately consult an expert advisor.
Ask for help.

حل مشکلات مالی

How to solve your financial problems?

Please read the following tips carefully and think about them to guide you on how to resolve your financial problems:

Stop spending!
You worry and worry!
You are more a lender!
You sell your assets!
You’re depressed!
You get frustrated and you talk about the earth and the bad days. !
You are scamming or stealing!
You are waiting for someone to give you the money you want!
Tired of your financial problems

Of course, none of these ways will help you to get more money.
Although this solution is effective.
“I answer financial problems with a lot of money, not with anxiety or sadness or hopelessness.”

L Ren Hubbard

You can solve your financial problems by working and earning money.
No other way can be a good solution.
An amount of money can solve your problem.


Specify how much money you need.
Write down the amount at the top of the page.
“I must get $ 10,000 a month.”

10000 دلار

List all your assets and ways in which you can make money from property and jewelry to the abilities of the skills.
Knowledge and relationships that you have all.
Try to complete your list as much as possible.
For example: You have a pickup, a camera, an empty bed and $ 11225. Is it good for you to organize, listen, or speak.
Can you make your audience feel important?
Do you have information and skills about horses, home appliances and decorating, historical sites, internet sales and …?
You know Jennifer Robert, Tim, Roth, Steve, and so on. You have the interest and passion to help others.
Can you make replica?
Solve complex issues?
Learn new things and many more?

Use any situation you have to make money.
Have a list of all of them.
Modern and traditional ways to list every way you can.
See what you can do with a combination of your skills and knowledge and assets.

Example: You can work with your computer in your room.
You can drag, type, translate without having to go to a specific place.
Learn how to get the capital back.

با کامپیوتر خود کار کنید

Help your company grow in marketing.
Choose a product that has proven its revenue.
Do others make money in this way?If so, then it’s a good candidate for your next job.If others have not been able to make money this way, think about another way of making money.
As the first choice of work that has been tried and earned, you can work as a hobby for your dream.


Make sure others pay for your goods or services.
For example, you can suggest to your boss:
“Do you know that 150 horse owners need a stable? You want me to go and talk with them, see how this market is.
” Are they willing to build stables for them? “If this is done, you will probably be managing the new department.
Or, as an example, you want to take a picture and make money in this way.
So you’ll probably meet professional photographers to figure out how much they make.

عکس بگیرید

  1. If all the signs are good, try your own in the real world and do not waste your time and energy.
    For example, you can work part-time to develop it when it’s thrived. Put your product or service in a small number of others.
    See a competitor to buy it. Make an advertisement in a small or local newspaper.
    Check it out before every big move, especially if you start a new business.
    When you make sure your business is making money, you can invest more time and money.If you can not afford a decent income Find yourself.
    It’s best to plan for you. If you get the original gem you can find new sources of income.
For example, you may need new or special training.
You might have to learn some time before you can get more money before you can get more money.
You may need more accountability. You should probably get more acquaintance with your career.
And you’ll probably need more communication and stronger public relations.
For all these things, you can plan and plan the steps to progress and follow step by step.


  1. Once you have made a program that is sure of its function,
    you have to work hard on it and stick for it for a long time so that your dream comes true.
    You will solve your financial problems by earning more money.
    This is the last step for welfare, but rarely does anyone do it.

“I never help anyone, and I always try to provide all the money I need.

From each of three or four sources of income or ways to make money that I know.”

_L Ren Hubbard

**Whenever you find a source of revenue, then look for the next source of income.Follow the same steps for that.**


هفت عادت منفی

Seven negative habits in the failure of individuals

Successful and successful people do not do these things and do not have these habits:


1. Multi-tasking simultaneously

It may sound clever enough to do a lot of things at the same time, but the problem here is that all those things will be a poor result.
The brain has some limitations to doing things.


چند کار همزمان

It is true that he is able to do a lot of things simultaneously but causes stress and the result is not useful either.

Solution: To do things right and right, just do one thing at a single time. This will make the brain calm and you will be more focused and more precise. Its progress is also enjoyable. After completing a task, go to the next job.


2. Spend a lot of time for unnecessary work

Do you wake up early in the morning?


مدیریت زمان

So you probably spend a lot of time and energy on Facebook, sorting out comets or chatting and talking to your friends.

Solution: Every night, write down a list of things to do tomorrow. Of course, do not include more than two or three important things in this list. When planning, spend the hours you have the most energy (morning, midnight, noon, or …) to do things. Once you plan to do something useful, if you stay, you can deal with unnecessary work.


In the video below you can see Mr. Brian Tracy’s talk about time management:


3. Having a busy desk

People who have crowded tables are basically saying they know exactly where everything is!

میز کار شلوغ

But that’s not true. Physical disorder is equal to mental disorder. If a person has a slack and disorientation, he can not do things right and accurate.

Solutions: Take two hours to arrange your desk. Discard unused paper and supplies. Make your own three categories. Those who need to go straight to the trash can. Those that should be kept in a folder or box and those that should be placed in the list of important tasks.


4. Start, stop and start again

Lack of continuity is the enemy of initiative and success. It is disappointing to have a project that is too normal.

شروع مجدد

Solution: You do not need to be the smartest or most talented person in your workplace, you just have to be stable in your work. Do your work on a daily basis and on a plan basis. Even if the result was not successful, do not be discouraged or disappointed. Think like Edison; he has said: “I’ve never failed, I found only 10,000 ways not working.”


5. Confess to fear

Fear is quite normal. Fear, you are challenging yourself. But just because you’re afraid of something, you can not avoid it. Maybe it’s the best for you.


Solution: Write a script from the things you’re so scared of, and play in the fantasy world. Does it kill you? Not? it is good. Realistically see what the outcome is. Imagine your mental scenario and imagine doing it. Be sure that bad things that you think will never happen. So forget your fears.


6. Determine unknown goals

You like to have “more income” or “more health”. But what do these meanings mean? These goals are very ambiguous and uncertain, and the path to them can not be determined.

اهداف نامعلوم

That’s why you never get them.

Solution: Define specific goals and give them the color of reality: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Instead of saying “My goal is to make more money,” try, for example, to add a customer more each month to your customers. Or, for more health, 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week for exercise or walking.


7. Blaming others for not reaching their goals

Blaming others is the worst mindset that someone can achieve in order to accomplish their goals. Maybe you have a low income or a low perceived manager, but this is your life.

مقصر دانستن دیگران

Always grieving will keep you in the “I’m poor” place. These dumbbells will keep you far from your goals.

Solution: Come out of this and be responsible. You are responsible for all your circumstances. It is you who owns your past, present and future. So stop complaining and blaming others for their ineffectiveness.



کار با بیت کوین

بازاریابی ایمیلی

Twenty-nine Important Tips in Email Marketing

In order to be able to get the best out of your email marketing, you should follow some important tips.


In this article, we’ll focus on 29 important email marketing tips that you can use to get the best out of your email marketing system by following these tips.

The content of this article is based on the free book of sales increase by email marketing Ali Noorani.


3d postman with envelope and bag

Twenty-nine important email marketing tips:

1- Check all parts of your text before sending the email.


2. Before you write the letter, edit and correct your spelling. The existence of this spelling mistake can discredit your company and site.


3. Send a copy of your email to your emails on different servers and see which of these emails go to the directory inbox and which of them to the spam branch.
4. Check all the links in your email. You may have used the email format of the previous email and therefore the previous email links in your current email. Be sure to check these items before posting.


5. Set your own posting time. Even if you use the best SMTP services, it’s not a good idea to send ten thousand emails at a time.

زمان ایمیل

According to my experience of sending out your own hosting, the best setting for sending email is four emails per minute.

6- The best time to send emails is Saturday at 8 o’clock in the morning. Never send emails on Friday. Because until the morning of Saturday, the user may receive other emails. You need to set up the post so that the user will be in the first 5 emails on the list when it goes to work.

7. Never send spam. Try to email your enthusiasts with the way in which the sales increase by email marketing is said.


Spamming will cost a lot for your online business.

8. Email is one of the factors of confidence building. Try not to do anything at your posts to make this user trust erased.


9. Follow the simple principle in your emails. The easier it will be for your email to be more readable. Try showing your message to the user.


10. Sort your e-mail content based on important to low importance.


11. Encourage users to try on the email link. When users return to the site, they may come to your product page and purchase products.


12. Never use Java code in your emails.

جاوا اسکریپ

By doing so, your email may be known as spam.

13- Put all necessary code inside the email. If you use the CSS code in the email, be sure to put it inside the email.


14. In your emails, try to keep your content above HTML code.


15. Use the graphics of your site in the postings.

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16. Do not increase your volume, for more information, direct the user to the page of your site. Some users check their emails with the mobile, so they do not like to receive bulk emails.
17. Make sure your server is not on the blacklist. If your server is in blacklist. No matter how basic your letter is, all your emails will not reach the recipient or they will be spammed.

18. If you use English words, do not distance words. For example, do not write the word “world”: w o r l d


19. Do not use spam words in your email. Free words are known as spam. You can get a list of these words through Google.
20. If you do the Reverse DNS settings. Emails will be sent better. To do this, you can implement your own hosting company and apply for it.


21. Always check your opponents. Subscribe to their list and review their email marketing strategies. Note that they may also be members of your list.

22. Provide content to users that the user always reads your emails as their first priority.


23. In any case, if you provide free or commercial content. Make sure this information is not readily available elsewhere.


Your news, analysis, and business experiences are one of those things. Make sure your content is so engaging that your contacts are eagerly following your emails.

24. If you help users solve their problems they will become loyal people and will always follow your news.


25. Try to produce part of the content of your site in audio and video, and in these emails you will place these files for free and exclusive to your contacts in your list. By doing this, you’re better off communicating with your list members.

26- Do not try to link in the emails sent to other useful articles. Members of your list have been contacted to contact you.


27 – Use the division test to get better and get better results from your list. In this way, you divide the members into two groups. And each one sends content with a different color and structure and by doing this you can select the best design for your letters.

28. Using Google Analytics, analyze the behavior of users after login, and calculate your conversion rate on each email. This way you can get the best return.


29. If you focus on only one topic in your email, repeat the page address in different parts of the email.

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