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What is the reason for my lack of money?

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Hi dear friend, as you know many people complain that i’m tired of unemployment and moneyless, what can i do? What do you think is the reason for our lack of money? What can be saved from a shortage of money. I don’t think reading the following is a good idea. I think I can help.


The world is full of people with poor talent. Most of them are either poor or in financial constraints.
They make less money than they can. They are not due to their knowledge, but because of things they do not know.


In the case of financial or professional problems, there is often a lack of provision and getting along.
There are many people who are poor and the reason for their poverty is that they are not good receivers, not good ones; in fact, they do not learn well, they do not learn well.

Brain and time to remember!

Focus on the most important law of money: “Excuse me to get you” instead of believing that: “Get it and then excuse it.”
All of you donated 2 Blessings to God: your brain and your time! And after that, it depends on you what to do with this.

مغز و وقت

With each rial you earn, you and yourself will have the power to determine your fate.
If you spend it in vain, you have chosen to be impoverished.
If you spend your debts, you join the middle class, and if you invest it on your brain and learn how to save your wealth, you will choose a transformation for your future and your goals.
This choice, all and all, is yours and yours.
Every day you decide on each rhythm you decide to be rich, impoverished or moderate.

Low income people have enough financial literacy?

Do you know the difference between an asset and a debt? One of the reasons people are not getting rich is not knowing the difference between property and debt.


From the work of a rich person, inventory and property are born, but low-income people create debt without knowing themselves.
Now judge with a thumbnail account of your life and your surroundings, and say how much do you pay per month? How to rent a house?
And … you would be scared of yourself without knowing yourself; the machine’s installment is not finished with housing.
This means losing opportunities, hard work and much effort to advance.
In fact, what you have called your name, but with a good respect, you are making mistakes instead of earning money.
With this steady program, there is no way to take risks and invest in your progress.


“Change Your Thinking ، Change Your Life”



Order your money

Do not let your money control your life.

فرد پولدار

Control your assets and money, the average people of the community go out every morning and wait at the end of the month to get their salary and spend months to half their money.
The point here is that a rich person makes money without having a physical presence, but low-income people only spend and pay off their debts.
Fear does not allow you to risk and invest, worrying about losing your recurring job.



And even most of you are not satisfied with your job and its environment, and you only stick to your paycheck. Worry that you do not get paid for installment payments, and even after paying for yourself, you are happy.

There are 2 ways to choose:

1. Listen to the advice of the elderly and get high education to become a regular employee and work harder and steady to use retirement benefits in the future and climb up the ladder.


2. In addition to obtaining your education and financial literacy, consider yourself at the same time as a permanent job and you own a ladder and let your assets make money for you.

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