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How can I be more happy?

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Take a look around you.How many people are not happy about you?How many of them smile and really happy?
Most people around us are not happy.Why is this?Where did we go wrong that we got here?


I grew up in a neighborhood where people emerged from their homes each morning in a sad face and went to the bus stop.
The station could easily see a large crowd of these people.
Being alongside these people to me I learned how valuable people are.
I wonder why people are not happy.


1. Being worried.

The mother is sitting on a chair with her face and worried about her son’s weekend test.
The exam determines whether her son will go to a good school.
She also thinks that she moved to the neighborhood near her son’s school. They do.


نگران بودن

He is thinking of not letting his son be tied up with frien
ds and getting a low level job.
Twain once said, “I have a lot of age and I know a lot of great problems, but most of them never happen.
” When you’re worried , You create an unrealistic impression of the future in your mind; and believing in this idea will cause you to feel negative.
In other words, you will be bemoan yourself from the future for no apparent reason.


Solution: Be happy, leave the concern. Worry no harm to you.
If there is no solution for your problem, it does not help.
If there is a solution to the problem, then you should go to it with all its power.


2-Loss of control.

An average middle-aged man sat sadly on one of the subway’s chairs.
His rector had rebuked him for the financial loss his company had invested in and lowered his job position.
He needed his job to pay for the rent, So there’s no way to stay in this job.
It’s hard to imagine when you think the whole world is against you!
People who have always failed themselves will never be happy.
The reason for this is also clear.
They have never wanted to take control of their lives. believe their cause is distressed by someone else or something else, and they also think that this discomfort can be overcome by someone other than themselves.They are in The world (let’s say hell) is “I wish”.

Solution: Build the power of yourself that whatever happens in your life, you are responsible for it.
You always have the power of decision making in life. Never allow anyone to decide for you.



A high school student standing in a bus.
One hand on his arm and his other hand on his mobile phone.
With anger his teeth flicker.
Her boyfriend has published a shameful video of him on Facebook.

کینه توزی

He is thinking of taking revenge on him.
How hard are you with your family members?
with friends? With other people, when you are abusive, you are the only person to be affected.
On the opposite side, you are usually not in any way about how you hate or if you want to bring him.
In this situation, you Angry, sad and upset, so that this negative mindset negatively affects your whole mentality.
But what do you really get?


Solution: Forgive and forget. Remember that if you do not forget this, you did not really make that person.
Do it as soon as possible. Because when you let someone out to get you angry, you give it control (item 2), so you will be much happier.


4. Having unwanted personal rules.

She suddenly shouted at another woman just because she did not allow the woman to first leave the bus and then board her.
With this dispute, it is clear that both women leave the station with discomfort.
One of the easiest ways to be happy.
Do not! (!) It is the belief that everyone around you should behave according to your rules.
Remember the last time you were angry.
Was it not your reason for your anger to be that someone questioned one of your rules?


Solution: Keep in mind that your rules are just for you, others do not have to live with those rules.
That in your personal law is that people first have to leave the bus and then take passengers, it’s not because another person thinks so.
Accept that your laws and standards do not relate to others.


5. Compare with others.

A young engineer stood at the metro station and was deeply in thought.
From his face he realized that he was upset by the problem.
Earlier in the afternoon, he had seen his university friends.
They had a good career advancement and were rapidly developing.


He thinks about his life and wonders where the wrong way is.
Comparing with others, if you have high self-esteem, can give you a strong motivation, but unfortunately most people do not have this ability and eventually After the comparison, they experience frustration and feelings of humiliation.
Because of this problem, we often compare ourselves with one of the characteristics of the other person, often with the best of that person.

Solution: Stop your comparison with others.
If you want to compare with someone, compare with yourself.
Have you been better today than yesterday?
If you want to compare yourself with others, compare in all aspects of life, and not just in one feature.


6. You make life hard for yourself.

Entrepreneurs were sitting in the corner of the bus and thinking about the growth of their business.
She had been doing a lot of work to keep things going, but her business was slow to grow.
She was disappointed with the progress she was making.
“My time I’m glad to have 10 billion dollars worth of money “or” I am happy to make delicious food tonight “Which of these two are more likely to be happy?
I do not talk about money or money, I’m waiting for you I speak happily.
You create happiness and happiness.
Many of us make life too hard for ourselves.


Solution: Why do you make it harder to reach the goal?
Say your definition of success and make it part of it every day.
Life is short, so leave your time for something you enjoy.


My definition of success is: as long as I do what I like to do, I’m successful.


7. Be pessimistic.

Woman: Let’s take the gold at home?
Man: No, the thief may not come.
Zen: So come along with us, travel?
Man: No, it may not get lost. Zen: Do you want to put them in the bank?
The man may not earthquake and the bank Ruin Woman … And this story goes on.



It’s very simple, when we are deeply thinking about something or focusing on it, we see more of it.
If we want to buy a 206 white machine, we soon find out that most of the machines you see are 206 white.
That’s what It’s happening in bad times.
If you think you’re bad luck, you are attracting this bad luck.
It’s very hard to be happy when your thoughts are negative.


Solution: See the half cup. Be upbeat.
A great sense of humor will help you with optimism.
Record the good things that are happening to you, and say “Excellent.”
Always good things happen to me. “

very well. These were the seven main reasons that make you not be happy.

Of course, with 7 small solutions for them. Happiness and joy are important.

Joy increases the quality of your life.

It is your right that your quality of life is high.

If you are not happy, which of the following reasons has caused you to do this?

If you’re happy, how did you get it?

What other ways do you suggest to rejoice?

You know, you know. Tell them.

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