Build a New 3D solar panel

$ 39.00

You’re about to see how getting burglarized, drove a simple carpenter from Orlando to improve these amazing designs and make them work, getting as much electricity as he wantedjust 10 sq ft of solar panels in his own backyard.


Would you go on a beautiful and well deserved vacation? Would you take your loved ones for an unforgettable night out? You could even let it sit in the bank and cash in the interest for darker days… Well, it’s totally up to you!

And why $975? Because that’s how much you could be saving in your first year alone on your power bills. Because that exact number is what our beloved government and BIG energy monopolists will rip you off for in 2019.

How are they doing it? Actually that’s the easy part. Myths and legends… All that the media is raving about are the mind blowing, extreme price tags and the unreliability of alternative power sources.

And that, my friend, is a big fat lie… Conceived by the greedy executives to keep us trapped…

Filling their dirty pockets with our blood sweat and tears… Each and every month.

But not anymore! Because…



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