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Seven negative habits in the failure of individuals

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Successful and successful people do not do these things and do not have these habits:


1. Multi-tasking simultaneously

It may sound clever enough to do a lot of things at the same time, but the problem here is that all those things will be a poor result.
The brain has some limitations to doing things.


چند کار همزمان

It is true that he is able to do a lot of things simultaneously but causes stress and the result is not useful either.

Solution: To do things right and right, just do one thing at a single time. This will make the brain calm and you will be more focused and more precise. Its progress is also enjoyable. After completing a task, go to the next job.


2. Spend a lot of time for unnecessary work

Do you wake up early in the morning?


مدیریت زمان

So you probably spend a lot of time and energy on Facebook, sorting out comets or chatting and talking to your friends.

Solution: Every night, write down a list of things to do tomorrow. Of course, do not include more than two or three important things in this list. When planning, spend the hours you have the most energy (morning, midnight, noon, or …) to do things. Once you plan to do something useful, if you stay, you can deal with unnecessary work.


In the video below you can see Mr. Brian Tracy’s talk about time management:


3. Having a busy desk

People who have crowded tables are basically saying they know exactly where everything is!

میز کار شلوغ

But that’s not true. Physical disorder is equal to mental disorder. If a person has a slack and disorientation, he can not do things right and accurate.

Solutions: Take two hours to arrange your desk. Discard unused paper and supplies. Make your own three categories. Those who need to go straight to the trash can. Those that should be kept in a folder or box and those that should be placed in the list of important tasks.


4. Start, stop and start again

Lack of continuity is the enemy of initiative and success. It is disappointing to have a project that is too normal.

شروع مجدد

Solution: You do not need to be the smartest or most talented person in your workplace, you just have to be stable in your work. Do your work on a daily basis and on a plan basis. Even if the result was not successful, do not be discouraged or disappointed. Think like Edison; he has said: “I’ve never failed, I found only 10,000 ways not working.”


5. Confess to fear

Fear is quite normal. Fear, you are challenging yourself. But just because you’re afraid of something, you can not avoid it. Maybe it’s the best for you.


Solution: Write a script from the things you’re so scared of, and play in the fantasy world. Does it kill you? Not? it is good. Realistically see what the outcome is. Imagine your mental scenario and imagine doing it. Be sure that bad things that you think will never happen. So forget your fears.


6. Determine unknown goals

You like to have “more income” or “more health”. But what do these meanings mean? These goals are very ambiguous and uncertain, and the path to them can not be determined.

اهداف نامعلوم

That’s why you never get them.

Solution: Define specific goals and give them the color of reality: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Instead of saying “My goal is to make more money,” try, for example, to add a customer more each month to your customers. Or, for more health, 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week for exercise or walking.


7. Blaming others for not reaching their goals

Blaming others is the worst mindset that someone can achieve in order to accomplish their goals. Maybe you have a low income or a low perceived manager, but this is your life.

مقصر دانستن دیگران

Always grieving will keep you in the “I’m poor” place. These dumbbells will keep you far from your goals.

Solution: Come out of this and be responsible. You are responsible for all your circumstances. It is you who owns your past, present and future. So stop complaining and blaming others for their ineffectiveness.



کار با بیت کوین

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