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Make Free Money With Dollars With Personal Computer

By using your personal computer, you will never be monetized anywhere:



With this system, you can easily collect free dollars and even get the money. Make the money you need in this system: PC + Internet

ارز الکترونیکی

Do not miss an opportunity. Click the link below and download the free monetization browser to get up to 8 times more revenue.

Https://get.cryptobrowser.site/3396892 For ease of use, you can also use the following URL: www. yon.ir/bitsazi This browser is like Firefox and Google Chrome, and even faster with them, and you can do your web surfing with this web browser from now on, and also earn revenue. Very interesting, no Hey !!


Well, then, without any additional explanation, I’ll go to the bottom line.

This system is a collection and extraction of digital currency (Bitcoin), one of the most valuable digital currencies in the world.


استخراج بیت کوین

The one bit of que that I write now is roughly $ 6557.

That means with the dollar now (14,000 tomans), there can be about 90 million tomans.

Now you’re thinking of collecting your own computer with your own computer. You can get that valuable currency for you without any cost.

(Of course, this is a possibility that has been provided to the personal computer for the time being. Exactly, one can do this, it should first be used to extract bitcoin from massive and expensive systems.

The price (about 50 to 100 million) was priced.


پول دیجیتالی

It’s a good chance to go up with the value of the dollar now that it gets higher each day.

The friend is so comfortable with the rumors made about Bitcoin (such as fakes and scams).

You can watch the 3-minute video on Bitcoin, a valuable digital currency on Iranian TV, to make it more reliable. Of course, this video was a few months ago, when the value of a bit of quin was about $ 3,800, at present the value of each bit of quin is about $ 6,500 and is still increasing:


First of all you have to go through the link 



For ease of use, you can also use the following URL:


In the middle of the screen that opens, there’s a big blue button that says:


When the method is clicked, there is a software called Cryptotab, which is downloaded and installed in a small volume, and from here on, the main browser of your system, which whenever the system is clear and the Internet is connected and this browser is open, automatically, Getting started kicking in to Bitcoin.


Very important note: “This software does not work with your hard drive and its contents at all, and it only uses the CPU and RAM resources of your system for math and computing, so it’s easy to get it.” “


Bit Coin


Interesting Points to Look Out for When You Make Free Money Dollars:

  1. If you use the browser at the time of earning money and use it as the default browser, you can get more profit.

    In this system, you can make more money for you to earn more money and benefit from the subcategory.

    It will greatly increase your profit.

    Be sure to introduce your invitation link to your friends so that they sign up for your link and earn money to earn several times more money.


The faster the processor and the RAM of your computer are higher, the faster the monetization will be.

Do not miss your site and follow the link below.



For ease of use, you can also use the following URL:


For more information and how to get your currency and convert it to Iran Rial, enter the following address to get more information:



You can also use the Conversion Calculator for digital currencies to:



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