Million Dollar Thoughts

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Schedule: Free Harmony from the Book of Million Dollar (by Brian Tracy) My friend, the habit is created with a lot of repetition, and it’s not long before you become your habit. Thank you for reading this. On the pages … Continued

Ten Keys to Spiritual Empowerment

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Ten points that help you to stay in a state of normal mental health and face difficulties, and can enjoy your life as much as possible: 1) Know Yourself: Today, the suggestion of Socrates, which presented itself in the 5th … Continued

Advertising media and its effectiveness

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Every business needs a set of marketing initiatives to promote its brand and to gain market leadership.   These actions, called the 4P marketing term, are one of the most important and integral principles of this field. In the upgrade … Continued

MBA and 24 Leisure Jobs

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I remember that once, someone told me, although you are financially far ahead of many of your age and age than your young age, But it seems to me that if you spend your time thinking about this, in addition … Continued